Mark McGowan
Dr. Fletcher is the best! I’m 51 and refuse to age gracefully. I wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere. Fortunately I have not had any injuries (in the past had some strains and sprains) in the last few years that I have been seeing Dr. Fletcher, but would trust him if I did. He is great with regular adjustments that really improve my ability to do what I want to do athletically.

Amanda Sherrod
Dr. Tom is awesome. I was suffering from chronic neck pain plus with all my training, I had hip issues. His technique along with his awesome onsite massage therapist have helped me now I don’t suffer from constant neck pain, it is wonderful!

Denise White
Dr. Fletcher is knowledgeable and pleasant! He helped me heal in time for my marathon. When I first started seeing him, I couldn’t run a mile without pain. I was able to continue training and just a few weeks later I was running a marathon. Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without him!

Amanda Kirk
My personal experience with Dr. Tom is that he worked on my completely seized neck at Triathlon camp and was able to get the muscles to relax enough to finish out the weekend. I’ve also gone to him with a lower back injury and not only did he adjust my back, his Active Release Training also had him give me stretches that would also help with the sore muscle. 
I refer friends to Dr. Tom all the time. One friend had been going to physical therapy for six months and wasn’t seeing any improvement for his hamstring. I recommended Dr. Tom and in 3 months my friend was already starting to rebuild his run.

Pijus Vasiliauskas
Dr. Fletcher is one of my favorites, he’s very welcoming and very pleasant to be around. 
I had some back problems prior to my visit, after my session I felt refreshed and well. 
I made a few follow up appointments and I am now feeling even better than I did before my injury! 
His entire work space calmed me and I felt very relaxed, it was an amazing experience and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a Chiropractor.

Lance Paulson
I’ve been a patient of Wasatch for 3 years and am very pleased with the results. I’m an avid triathlete and experienced a lot of IT-band pain in my knees and hips. Dr. Fletcher was able to significantly reduce this pain allowing me to compete. I would recommend Wasatch Health Solutions to any athlete or person in need of relief from chronic pain.

David Densley
Dr. Tom Fletcher is an awesome Chiropractor and terrific to work with. I recommend all of my family and friends to him without hesitation!