At Wasatch Health Solutions, we use a number of different treatments and therapies to decrease your pain and get you back to a healthy, functioning lifestyle. Active Release Techniques® in conjunction with chiropractic care is our treatment of choice for most all injuries. While all other procedures are effective by themselves, their use in combination with Active Release Techniques® will enhance your chiropractic treatment.

Here is short list and descriptions of the treatment tools we offer:

EDUCATION ABOUT YOUR INJURY – Although this seems like it is not a treatment tool at all, educating a patient about their injury is the most important job we do at Wasatch Health Solutions. We enjoy taking the time to explain what is happening with your body and how you can take an active part in the recovery process. Doctor-patient teamwork helps speed recovery for the patient.

ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® (ART) – Active Release Techniques® is consider the “Gold Standard” of soft tissue treatments and for that reason is sought after by World Class athletes from around the globe. Numerous Olympic Medalists such as Michael Johnson, Professional triathletes, NHL players, NFL players, NBA players and MMA fighters have used Active Release Techniques® with great success. In fact, during the last 3 Super Bowls a player has been seen on the sidelines receiving ART treatment.

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GRASTON TECHNIQUE® AND TRIGGER POINT PERFORMANCE THERAPY – Other soft tissue techniques utilized by our staff that complement ART include Graston Technique and Trigger Point Performance Therapy. Using these three techniques together has proven to be the most effective way of removing soft tissue adhesions (scar tissue) and trigger points from muscles in spasm, which are often the cause of pain in all injuries. By removing scar tissue and trigger points the muscle can relax and responds much better to stretching and strengthening programs.

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STRETCHING AND STRENGTHENING EXERCISES – Stretching is extremely important in the early stage of treatment. Our use of Active Release Techniques® will reduce muscles spasms, however, there are exercises you can do to keep the area loose between visits. If the affected areas are not adequately stretched between treatments, the muscles will remain tight and rigid thus prolonging recovery time.

ELECTRICAL STIMULATION – Electrical Stimulation is a therapy of choice for many chiropractors. This is because electrical stimulation increases blood flow and decreases muscle spasms. It can be used before or after treatment, in combination with ice or heat. The main reason we use this technique is to increase the blood flow to the injured area, which will help healing by bringing vital oxygen and flushing out harmful toxins from the soft tissues. It may sound scary but electrical stimulation is not painful. Many patients actually fall asleep while receiving electrical stimulation therapy.

CHIROPRACTIC MANIPULATIONS (ADJUSTMENTS) – Chiropractic Adjustments release any adhesions you may have within your joints. Many times, especially in chronic injuries, the joint will develop scar tissue which restricts motion in the joint. For many years, people believed that a chiropractic adjustment actually cracked the bones which gave rise to the popular saying, “Can you crack me?” This saying is not true! An adjustment only affects the joint and the sound you hear is a release of carbon dioxide from within the joint, similar to when you pull a suction cup off a window.

At Wasatch Health Solutions, the adjustment is always done after Active Release Techniques® treatment. When all the muscles are relaxed, the adjustments are easier to perform which reduces or eliminates pain caused by tense muscles, and the joints tend to stay in alignment longer.