Race Hard, Recover Harder

Congratulations to all of those who raced Ironman St. George last weekend.  There were lots of friends and family at the event and it seems everyone had a good day. 

Remember that you aren’t going to bounce back the day after the race like nothing happened.  Recovery is essential to all athletes.  Below is a list of some tips from the pros:

Cliff English: The best “poor man’s” recovery tools? Water, salt and an ice bath.

Meredith Kessler: People tend to concentrate on days off, tapering and sleep. But you need to practice recovery after every workout … so you can be fresh for your next workout. I use a steady diet of protein drinks within the fueling window, as well as cooling wraps and recovery boots after workouts or at night.

Andy Potts: As much as the experts tout sleep, I still think it is underrated. Sleep should be your No. 1 form of recovery.

Ben Hoffman: There are no magic bullets for bouncing back fresh as a daisy, but if you do all the little things, they make a huge difference. I use compression boots with cooling pads, foam rollers, golf balls underfoot, The Stick roller, regular massage, eating a good balance of carbs and protein immediately following workouts and getting plenty of rest each night.

Tim O’Donnell: Recovery is more important than fluff workouts. If it comes down to a 60-minute aerobic ride that is on your training schedule versus getting a massage when your body is beaten up, or getting an extra hour of sleep when you are exhausted, treat yourself!

Terenzo Bozzone: The faster you recover from training, the more key workouts you’ll be able to do along the way. I use compression socks and sleeves after all workouts. When I get home, I elevate my legs and use compression boots.

As far as compression boots go, remember that Dr. Tom has a pair of Normatex