Lower Back Pain Protocol


This exercise program will show you how to treat your lower back pain and stiffness.


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Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Say goodbye to over-the-counter pain relievers. Low Back Pain Protocol teaches the simple, fool-proof methods to treat your lower back pain and stiffness—for good.

    • cutting-edge approach that restores function and reduces painful recurrence. It targets your abdominal muscles to facilitate a holistic approach to recovery.
    • proven self-treatment model that you can do yourself. No need to visit the doctor or a personal trainer for lower back pain rehab.
    • step-by-step video guide designed for everyone, regardless of their familiarity with physical therapy principles. It has clear, easy-to-follow instructions for your convenience.
    • And the best gift of all: getting back to crushing your fitness goals.

Protocols are online courses. After purchase, you can immediately access your protocol by logging into our website and visiting your member dashboard.

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Low back pain relief can significantly limit your ability to engage in physical activity. Our protocol empowers you to get back on track and help lower back pain without resorting to prolonged bed rest.

WHS will help you address risk factors with a range of treatment options tailored for you. We consider your existing medical conditions and how the exercises may affect them, taking into account potential side effects.

The WHS remedy for lower back pain is designed to be completed in a span of 4 hours – 20 minutes per day for 12 days.


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