NormaTec Recovery Boots

For all those athletes that come see Dr. Fletcher, there is a product that is on it’s way over.  The NormaTec Recovery System provides dynamic compression for triathletes, runners, cyclists, lifters, and any other sport that is leg intensive. They also help with injury reocvery such as: plantar fasciitis, hamstring, it band , and hip pain.  These full length boots were developed by a physician-bioengineer to aid the body with it’s circulatory process.  NormaTec’s founder realized that the key to advancing the technology of external compression is improving the massage pattern. This includes pulsing, gradients, and distal release. Thus NormaTec developed and patented Sequential Pulse Technology, and the NormaTec Recovery System was born.
Along with Active Release Technique (ART), Graston, Chiropractic, and massage treatment, we feel like our clinic is the ultimate healing/recovery clinic in Murray and the Salt Lake city area!