Whiplash Symptoms

If you have been involved in a car accident, you may have experienced whiplash.  Whiplash is a rapid whip like action of the head and neck.  Whiplash would be when your head falls forward and then snaps backward from the force of the crash. Common Symptoms include: Neck pain and stiffness Headaches Dizziness Blurred vision

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Congrats Rory!

This beast of a biker and patient of our completed The Valley of Fire Time Trial today in Lake Mead, NV. Personally, I think that stretch of road is some of the toughest biking I have done, considering all the elements. Dr. Tom Fletcher was able to help Rory with some knee stiffness leading up

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Rock Tape Products

So, let’s talk about some Rock Tape products.  If you are an athlete and have a race coming up, you need that extra support and faster recovery, Rock Tape might be able to help you out.  The most common sports that use these products are running, triathlon, and crossfit.  Rock Tape and Rock Sauce combined

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Auto Accidents

The average driver in Utah gets in an auto accident every 4 years! Whether you are a texter, talker, or a singer please be careful this winter season. The most common injury from a auto/car accident is whiplash or neck pain. Neck injuries along with whiplash and headaches can be minimized by keeping your head

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NormaTec Recovery Boots

For all those athletes that come see Dr. Fletcher, there is a product that is on it’s way over.  The NormaTec Recovery System provides dynamic compression for triathletes, runners, cyclists, lifters, and any other sport that is leg intensive. They also help with injury reocvery such as: plantar fasciitis, hamstring, it band , and hip

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