Migraines and other types of headache — such as tension headache and sinus headache — are painful and can rob you of quality of life. Migraine symptoms include a pounding headache, nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity. Research has shown that most migraines originate in the spine, often because of misalignment of the vertebra which can […]

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More than half of all runners will overdo it at least once in their running career. Overtraining is a result of not properly recovering between workouts on a repeated basis. Some types of workouts and training will make you more susceptible to overtraining, but the underlying cause is always a lack of recovery. While all

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Race Hard, Recover Harder

Congratulations to all of those who raced Ironman St. George last weekend.  There were lots of friends and family at the event and it seems everyone had a good day.  Remember that you aren’t going to bounce back the day after the race like nothing happened.  Recovery is essential to all athletes.  Below is a

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Four Ways to Recover Right

Don’t let training take its toll on your body—four things to do after every workout so you’re ready to take on your next tough effort. Rub It As if you needed another excuse to get a massage, here’s one more:  Experts say that rubbing down muscles after exercise is as effective in preventing soreness than aspirin

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The Deadlift: The Missing Link in Triathlon Training

The single most important head to toe exercise for triathletes is arguably the deadlift. The deadlift is second to none for enhancing performance and becoming a bulletproof triathlete. The deadlift strengthens the posterior chain, requires adequate flexibility and joint mobility, demands proper spinal mechanics, and augments shoulder blade strength and stability. If you are not

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Ankle Sprains

An ankle sprain occurs when too much stress is put on the ligaments in the ankle, which causes them to stretch or tear.  Lateral ankle sprains, the most common variety, occur when the foot rolls inward.  Medial ankle sprains, in which the foot rolls outward, are less common, but can result in a fracture because

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