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Are you experiencing back or neck pain causing discomfort? Have you been in a recent auto accident or suffered a sports injury? Don’t live in misery. At Wasatch Health Solutions we offer solutions, including massage and chiropractic therapy, for relieving pain so you can live comfortably. You’ll be feeling 100% in no time. However, our services aren’t just for injuries. Regular visits to a massage therapist or chiropractor promotes general wellness as well as stress reduction.

With years of experience and a passion for health and fitness, we’re Utah’s premier provider of injury recovery. We understand a healthy body is important to you. No one wants to spend months nursing a sore shoulder or an aching knee. Get the rehabilitation you need now. Our professional staff is here to answer any health-related questions you might have. As time passes injuries can become more severe and harder to treat. Catch any problems early before the situation worsens.

We’re conveniently located in Murray UT, with easy access from Salt Lake City. Wellness is just a short drive away. Come by to see Dr.Tom Fletcher today.

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