Auto Accidents

The average driver in Utah gets in an auto accident every 4 years! Whether you are a texter, talker, or a singer please be careful this winter season. The most common injury from a auto/car accident is whiplash or neck pain. Neck injuries along with whiplash and headaches can be minimized by keeping your head rest at mid head height. Back pain, sciatica, numbness, disc bulge can all be minimized by sitting up straight in your car seat.
At Wasatch Health Solution’s, Dr. Tom Fletcher’s office, we will talk to any auto accident victim whether at fault or not, for FREE. We offer a variety of healing methods for whiplash, neck pain, headaches, and back pain. Some of our services are: Active Release Technique (ART), Graston, Chiropractic, massage therapy, x ray, and MRI. For anyone in a car accident you owe it yourself and your family to get checked out. BTW… It’s free at Dr. Fletcher’s clinic!